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What is Missing NPF?

Missing NPF is America's first and most comprehensive missing persons database focused on providing information of those who have gone missing on federally managed land in the United States of America. Missing NPF is the first website (launched in 2020) to cross-connect relevant information for each case file (investigative entity and locational data, particularly) and does not, generally, create content found in case files. Missing NPF is not a federal agency or law enforcement entity; Missing NPF is not a search-and-rescue operation.


Content. Updates. Credit.

The information posted inside case files comes from public reporting, and appropriate credit is given to the source (by name and linked URL) in a dedicated section of the case file. At any point in time, data available on Missing NPF should be considered incomplete. Missing NPF not only actively updates case files every day based on public reporting but also has a backlog of missing person cases that have yet to be added to the database; when the information available is simply not clear enough to determine whether the case file meets listing criteria, or the reporting organization has not released critical information needed for listing, we may refrain from listing the person until clarification can be obtained. We work hard to assess and release case files as quickly as practical, staying careful to provide the most accurate data available ethically and responsibly. If you plan on citing Missing NPF in your article or report, please note the above information and notate accordingly.


The Call.

Missing NPF supports the call for federal agencies to establish, maintain, and share a full listing of those missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests. Meanwhile, we have established our own, and seek your collaboration in providing a meaningfully detailed source by which to expand public knowledge, identify trends, and empower future search efforts. Join us on this mission.


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A listing of those who are currently missing in federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those who have been found on federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those whose identities remain unknown after having been found deceased.

Recently Modified Case Files

‘Recently modified case files’ references only case files in the database content area of Missing NPF, and does not include News articles. To search all case files and render full results, please use our Explore page.

Samuel Jones

According to The Sacramento Bee, Two brothers went hiking in California and took different routes back to the car. One never returned,

Bradford John Dozier

According to CBS Sacramento, SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The body of an Elk Grove hiker missing in the Sierra has been found at

Michael Prudy

According to Alaska’s News Source, Search crews are working to find an overdue hiker in Denali National Park who was reported missing

Alberto Sillonis

According to The Sacramento Bee, An 85-year-old fisherman vanished from Idaho’s Hells Canyon, and only his gear was left behind. Alberto Sillonis

Hikers in the Monolith Garden desert hills near Kingman discovered human remains Sunday, Jan. 16, Arizona police said. Two hikers found the

Linda LeBeau

According to NBC News, RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A Southern California woman who was killed in 1977 has been identified by a cold


Each person listed in our database has their own "record" or "page" on our site where the public-at-large is able to view, comment, bookmark and share. Each "record" is connected with relevant data, like case updates and significant locations for a more holistic review.


Each park has their own profile page, where connected data is stored and referenced. Only parks directly related to case files are listed in this data section.

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