A comprehensive National Park missing persons database


There is currently no centralized database for those who have gone missing in National Parks and/or Forests at the federal level.

We have established this listing in an effort to provide a holistic measure of assistance, both to inform future search efforts and to establish an assistive resource for those who are currently living with the loss of a loved one. 

Missing NPF supports the call for federal agencies to establish, maintain, and share a full listing of those missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests. Meanwhile, we have established our own, and seek your collaboration in providing a meaningfully-detailed source by which to expand public knowledge, identify trends, and empower future search efforts. Join us on this mission.

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Each park has their own profile page, where connected data is stored and referenced. Only parks directly related to case files are listed in this data section.



A listing of those who are currently missing in federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those who have been found on federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those whose identities remain unknown after having been found deceased.

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