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Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

  • Local Law Enforcement

About Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

In partnership with the public we serve, we are dedicated to suppress and prevent crime through the reduction of criminal recidivism; we have the responsibility for upholding both the United States and California constitutions, the reasonable enforcement of all federal and state laws or ordinances, and all required mandates of the elected Sheriff; we serve our superior courts by providing court security, service of civil processes, and the execution of lawful orders of the court; we maintain our county jails and committed inmates in accordance with state guidelines and regulations in a fair and humane manner; and we perform the legal functions of the Coroner-Public Administrator with dignity and respect for those in need of our services.


  • Joshua Tree National Park
    Joshua Tree National Park
  • Found Deceased
  • Reported Missing: 02/28/19 (5 years ago)
  • Found: 03/01/19 (5 years ago)


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