On August 15, 2021, news that Rachel Lakoduk had been found spread throughout social media.


According to iFIBERONE,

Emily Sawyer of Moses Lake says Lakoduk was found in her sleeping bag. Sawyer says Lakoduk’s final resting place was far off trail on a 50-degree slope in a depression under a fallen tree.

Sawyer indicated that Rachel likely used the depression to seek refuge from the elements; it is not believe that Rachel was killed by the tree, but used it to shield herself from the snow.

Sawyer says search parties were able to identify Rachel’s remains based on her clothing and equipment as well as her red hair. Sawyer says some of Lakoduk’s remains were scattered.

Sawyer confirmed that Rachel’s remains have been removed from where she supposedly died and are now in the possession of the Skagit County Coroner. An autopsy will be performed soon to confirm the cause of Rachel’s death.

Missing NPF will release other information once it becomes available.

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