Tag: cold case

Dec 22
NPS publishes new facial reconstruction of ‘Jane Doe Yosemite Summit Meadow’

NPS has published a new facial reconstruction image for Jane Doe Yosemite Summit Meadow.

Dec 19
New hope for confirmation of identity; “Mostly Harmless” may finally be identified

Missing NPF has learned that new information made available via credible tip has led…

Nov 25
The mystery of Trenny Lynn Gibson’s disappearance from Great Smoky Mountains National Park continues

Was Trenny Lynn Gibson abducted? No answers have been found to this Great Smoky…

Nov 23
Cold: Questions remain surrounding Wanda Herr’s death

The remains of Wanda Herr were discovered in 1986; authorities were only recently able…

Nov 06
Sammy Boehlke still missing at/near Crater Lake National Park

Samuel Boehlke remains missing. He was last seen in the Crater Lake National Park on…

Nov 05
Foul play suspected in Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hiker disappearance

Foul play continues to be a leading theory in the disappearance of PCT Hiker,…

Oct 29
NPS and Cochise County Sheriff offer reward for information on Cold Case

The National Park Service (NPS) and Cochise County (AZ) Sheriff Mark Dannels have…