Data Update: Places (Solution in Progress)

There have been quite a few changes on the Missing NPF platform, namely the release the following updates:

PHASE-OUT: Case “News” now in it’s own “Case Updates” category and listing

After much consideration, I have arrived at 99% certainty that I will be phasing the “News” section out in favor of the case information/description and update data connection system.

The vision I have for Missing NPF extends beyond posting connected news; while extremely important, and never would I devalue the work of bloggers and media professionals, I am more concerned with how best to connect elements of data within the story with relevant data outside the story. This being so, it’s only appropriate that our “News” section be used for general blog activity (camping gear, hiking news, etc.) than for case mentions and updates. The work of talented bloggers and disseminators of information external to Missing NPF will still be recognized in a more robust way once the data migration has been completed. I plan to address these plans in more detail as time goes on.

For now, I will keep the news we have up, which features approximately 30 stories, but will likely discontinue posting this type of content in this section of the website.

This is a decision which has not been made 100%. If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it! Please reply to this post.

“CASE UPDATES” now inside Case File

Case updates still have their own tab on each person’s case details, but this connection has been extended to be included as links inside the overview section, below the initial case description.

We find that – if reading a long story and wanting to know if the case has been updated – it would be easier to navigate after reading the initial report than to navigate back up and search through the “Updates” tab.

Again, we will leave the “Updates” tab intact, as this tab will display the number of updates a certain case has had for quick reference when beginning to view a record.

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