Orvar F. Von Laas

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About Orvar F. Von Laas's case

Orvar Von Laas was on a camping trip with his family in Yosemite National Park before he disappeared. He and his family were taking pictures at around 1:30p on October 9, 1954, when Von Laas decided to go for walk. He understood to rejoin his family at around 4p, but he failed to return.

His family were worried because according to his father-in-law, Von Laas suffered a head injury from a motorcycle accident when he was boy, and was thought to have suffered from amnesia.

Park rangers did an extensive search in the surrounding area using bloodhounds, but Von Laas was never found.

Personal Characteristics

Age / Ethnicity

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Investigative Details

  • Foul Play Suspected: Unknown / Undisclosed
  • Suicide Suspected: Unknown / Undisclosed
  • Cause of Death: Not Applicable

Significant Dates

  • Reported Missing: Saturday, October 9, 1954 (70 years ago)
  • Date Found: No Date Available

Administrative Details

Monday, January 8, 2024 (5 months ago)

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