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There is currently no centralized database for those who have gone missing in National Parks and/or Forests at the federal level.

We have established this listing in an effort to provide a holistic measure of assistance, both to inform future search efforts and to establish an assistive resource for those who are currently living with the loss of a loved one. 

Missing NPF supports the call for federal agencies to establish, maintain, and share a full listing of those missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests. Meanwhile, we have established our own, and seek your collaboration in providing a meaningfully-detailed source by which to expand public knowledge, identify trends, and empower future search efforts. Join us on this mission.

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At any point in time, data available on Missing NPF should be considered incomplete. Missing NPF has a backlog of missing person cases that have yet to be added to the database; we are working hard to assess and release these case files into the database as quickly as we can, staying careful to ensure that only the most accurate data is disseminated.

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Cassie sheetz remains missing since March 12, 2021. Please read the following for more information concerning this missing person.  Original Facebook post:

According to The Mercury News, Bob Wildoner, 76, of Apple Valley (San Bernardino County), is being sought in the area of Saline

According to source, The FBI, Valley View police and National Park Service agents are investigating a homicide after a man’s body was

According to KATU.com, A Vancouver woman was found dead in the Mount Hood National Forest on Sunday, November 28, 2021, according to

Directly from The Fresno Bee, A member of the United States Army Reserve who left for a solo hike in Yosemite National

According to KIRO 7, By KIRO 7 News Staff YAKIMA, Wash. — First responders in Central Washington are working to find Seattle Fire



A listing of those who are currently missing in federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those who have been found on federally-managed lands, such as a National Park or Forest.


A listing of those whose identities remain unknown after having been found deceased.


Each person listed in our database has their own "record" or "page" on our site where the public-at-large is able to view, comment, bookmark and share. Each "record" is connected with relevant data, like case updates and significant locations for a more holistic review.

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