The National Park Service (NPS) revised the facial reconstruction photo of Jane Doe Yosemite Summit Meadow.

During a routine follow-up conducted by a Missing NPF editor, a new facial reconstruction image uploaded to the Cold Case listing was identified. To the best of our knowledge, no other information has been modified in the NPS case description. Information provided by NPS:

Case Info: The partial remains of a homicide victim were found in Yosemite National Park’s Summit Meadow along Glacier Point Road in 1983. Special Agents with the NPS Investigative Services Branch (ISB) have been working with multiple laboratories and agencies in an effort to identify the victim. A forensic anthropology exam and a CT scan of the victim’s skull helped forensic artists create a digital facial reconstruction of what she may have looked like. This facial reconstruction was made from the victim’s skull without the jaw. Forensic Anthropologists believe the victim was at least in her late teens but could have been as old as 30. The suspect in this case, Henry Lee Lucas, was interviewed in the 1980s and died in prison in 2001. He had information about this murder that had not been made public and could only be known by the person who committed the crime. Lucas stated the victim was a female hitchhiker that he picked up on Highway 41 between Fresno, California and Yosemite National Park in the early 1980s. He stated the victim was 5’05” to 5’06” tall with long, straight blonde to light brown hair. She weighed about 100-125 pounds, and wore silver rings on both hands. If you have information that may help investigators identify this female victim, please contact us.

New image, same case. Facial reconstruction image shows an unidentified homicide victim. She was a white female between 17-30 years of age.

The main suspect in connection with this suspected homicide continues to be Henry Lee Lucas, despite information included as part of a popular Netflix documentary, The Confession Killer.

Missing NPF continues to follow this case closely.

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