Apr 12
Currently adding images to over 200 locations

Missing NPF is currently working to add pictures for all last known and found…

Apr 09
Comment section relocation

The comments/reviews section for each record in our database has moved.

Apr 07
You can now sign in with your Google or Facebook account

You are now able to access all areas of Missing NPF after signing in with your Google…

Apr 05
Preview Card Update: Added Date (Missing) and Date (Found) to overview

A new way to view the data from the Explore tab has been applied. The "preview" card…

Apr 01
Added calculations: Date (Missing) and Date (Found)

New calculations added to the base code referencing the date (missing) and date…

Mar 28
Platform updates: Phase-outs and case updates section

The vision I have for Missing NPF extends beyond posting connected news; while…

Mar 27
Bug squashed: Not displaying “quick view” icon on PERSON records

We noticed a small bug when showing PERSON records from the EXPLORE tab. The quick…

Mar 27
New maps section added to Explore tab

One of the most visited pages of our sites since starting Missing NPF has been our map…