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According to The News Tribune,

A U.S. Coast air crew located missing hiker Jerren Fisher late Sunday, September 19, 2021, in Olympic National Park. He had been missing since Thursday according to the National Park Service.

Searchers found Fisher, 26, in a ravine near Mt. Olson, according to statement posted on social media.

Fisher’s location required air assistance. Apart from minor scrapes and cuts, he was reported to be in good spirits.

Before the rescue, his last known location was the Graves Creek Trailhead in the Quinault Rain Forest.

Fisher had a wilderness permit for Sept. 8-12 and was planning on camping at Enchanted Valley, Marmot Lake, Camp Pleasant, and Sundown Lake before returning to his vehicle via Graves Creek Trailhead, according to a news release.

A family member reported Fisher overdue to park dispatch on Thursday. Crews searched for him Friday and Saturday, including at Wynoochee Pass Trail and the switchbacks in the Seven Stream area, according to the release.

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