Wolfe County Search & Rescue

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About Wolfe County Search & Rescue

The Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team serves the Wolfe County Community and the Red River Gorge under a charter from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Direction of the County Judge Executive. Since its inception in 2007, the Team has responded successfully to numerous wilderness accidents and lost person incidents. Wolfe County Kentucky sits in the middle of some of the most beautiful gorges in the United States. Resplendent in waterfalls, caves, and high cliffs, this area attracts visitors from all over the world. And although our rock formations are magnificent, they are also potentially very dangerous. The Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team – comprised of all volunteer citizens – is dedicated to providing specialized search and rescue services both to our local citizens and to the many folks who come here to enjoy the natural beauty of our area. Besides being skilled in search operations, the Team is proficient in high-angle rope rescue of the kind needed for the many cliff accidents that occur within the Red River Gorge. These rescues often need to be carried out in extreme conditions of weather, terrain, and location. They often require highly complex technical rope systems be set up quickly and efficiently to reach, treat, package, and evacuate seriously injured persons to definitive care. This requires the Team to dedicate a significant amount of time in training for these types of rescues.



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