Suffolk County Police Department

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About Suffolk County Police Department

The Community Relations Bureau (CRB) was established May 1st, 2005. CRB fosters and preserves active and open avenues of communication between the Department and the diverse communities which it serves. In an ongoing effort to identify, understand and solve the contemporary public safety issues facing communities the CRB seeks to build lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

As part of its overall mission, CRB supervises the Community Liaison Officers (CLO), the School Resource Officers (SRO), the Recruitment Section and the Police Athletic League (PAL) Officers. The Bureau also coordinates and oversees a variety of outreach initiatives throughout the County, such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Operation Medicine Cabinet, “Unity in the Community”, “Vamos a Hablar”, “Let’s Talk”, “The Ugly Truth”, “Coffee With a Cop”, “Craft With a Cop”, “Teen Gaming”, “HERE Truancy” and “Impact Truancy”.

The Suffolk County Police Department is enormously proud of the success community relations programs have had in recent years and is fully dedicated to expanding these programs in the future to forge lasting and productive relationships within all the communities in Suffolk County.



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