Stillwater County Search and Rescue

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About Stillwater County Search and Rescue

Stillwater County is very privileged to have some of the most dedicated search and rescue volunteers in the state.

If your not familiar with our organization, Stillwater County SAR is a group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to assisting those who may be lost, hurt or in distress. Our volunteers dedicate many hours to training in everything from lost or missing hunters, hikers, children, and elderly to swift water, mountain, ice, and high angle rope rescue.

Search and Rescue volunteers purchase their own equipment out of pocket and may even take time off from work to assist with searches or rescues in the county. We also offer support to neighboring counties in the form of mutual aid.

Our specialized teams such as K9, horse, rope and swift water rescue techs make themselves available to agencies across the state. 

If you think this demanding, yet rewarding lifestyle sounds like something you would be interested in please contact us through this site or contact the county sheriffs office for more information.


  • Yellowstone National Park
    Yellowstone National Park
  • Found Deceased
  • Reported Missing: 08/08/21 (3 years ago)
  • Found: 08/13/21 (3 years ago)


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