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Riverside County Search and Rescue (SAR)

  • Government Assistive Resource

About Riverside County Search and Rescue (SAR)

Riverside County search and rescue teams are an essential component of the Sheriff’s Department as they are primarily responsible for all search and rescue missions involving lost or stranded persons in the County of Riverside.

Members respond to a variety of locations including desert landscapes, woodland areas, and rocky and mountainous terrain. Members may also be requested under the California Mutual Aid System to respond to other counties for search requests or natural disasters.

The Riverside County Search and Rescue team members are highly trained for their environments and meet on a monthly basis at various locations within the county. Volunteers regularly respond to emergencies at all hours, day or night, and often train with the Riverside County Aviation Team regarding hoist training. No prior experience is required, however, applicants must be team-oriented, willing to learn and improve outdoor skills, and in good shape.


  • Joshua Tree National Park
    Joshua Tree National Park
  • Found Deceased
  • Reported Missing: 02/28/19 (5 years ago)
  • Found: 03/01/19 (5 years ago)


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