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Mountain Blade Runner Helicopters

  • Private Organization

About Mountain Blade Runner Helicopters

We are dedicated to having the most professional and highly skilled team to accomplish any mission no matter the elevation or location.

Our work experience consists of:

Wildfire support in both call when needed and exclusive use,

Rockfall mitigation

Power pole sets


Aircraft wreckage removal

Communication site support

Avalanche mitigation

Mine closures

Precision lifts

Charter flights


Wildlife Survey

This requires us to employ only the most skilled pilots that have experience in precision long line, mountainous terrain, and high altitude flying.

Director of Operations, Dustin Garvey, has been in the helicopter industry for over 14 years working with multiple 135 operators bringing a variety of different expertise to our company. John Whedon, has been our Chief Pilot for over five years. He has trained our talented team of pilots to meet the requirements of our specialized missions and has extensive high-altitude experience. Mike Nelson, the Director of Maintenance, has had an excellent career within the aviation industry. He has completed all of our aircraft modifications in house and is truly a master of his craft. All of our personnel ensure the safest operation possible through impeccable practices and thorough training.



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