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About Department of Public Safety - Utah Highway Patrol

As the Superintendent of the Utah Highway Patrol I have the opportunity to represent men and women who put on their uniforms every day and go to battle for the citizens of the great State of Utah.

Those Troopers who kiss their spouse and children in the morning, afternoon and late evening then head out of the door to go to work are true heroes.  They never know what they are going to encounter day in and day out and sadly some Troopers never came home at the end of their shifts.  But even knowing the dangers of the job they continually leave their homes and go to work to keep their friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers safe from the elements of crime and victimization.

Each year our great State Troopers take thousands of drunk drivers off the roadways.  They seize thousands of pounds of drugs that are aimed at getting into the hands of Utah kids.  They make sure that commercial vehicles which travel our roadways are safe to operate.  Troopers spend hundreds of hours in our public schools teaching our kids the importance of seat belt usage and driving safe.  We have specialty units made up of K-9 Troopers, Capitol security, Executive Protection, SWAT officers, Dive team members and a helicopter division which save numerous lives every year.

Our current area of emphasis is to reduce crime and crashes through proactive policing.  You will notice our Troopers out and about our areas of responsibility doing all they can do to gain voluntary compliance through education and enforcement.  We strive to have a proficient work force made up of highly trained Troopers.  When you encounter a Trooper you will see a professional person who is highly trained and dedicated to continual improvement.  Our Troopers work with a purpose and that is to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We also have great dispatchers who continually strive to improve communications between the public and various agencies.  These dispatchers also sacrifice their time and energies behind the scenes to improve the quality of life of everyone who comes in contact with them.

Please help us in keeping you safe by wearing your seat belt, never text while driving, obey the speed limit, keep a safe following distance, be courteous in your driving and never drive impaired.  Lastly, when you see a State Trooper remember the sacrifice that he or she makes day in and day out to keep our State safe.  Pat them on the back and tell them thank you, they greatly appreciate your support.


  • Fishlake National Forest
    Fishlake National Forest
  • Found Deceased
  • Reported Missing: 10/22/21 (3 years ago)
  • Found: 10/23/21 (3 years ago)
  • Fishlake National Forest
    Fishlake National Forest
  • Found Alive
  • Reported Missing: 10/22/21 (3 years ago)
  • Found: 10/22/21 (3 years ago)


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