Culpeper Police Department

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About Culpeper Police Department

Our mission is the reduction of the incidence of crime and the improvement of the quality of life in Culpeper by making it a place where all people can live safely and without fear.

The Culpeper Police Department is committed to:Impartial enforcement and the intelligent use of discretion in the application of the criminal law to problems of crime and disorder;
The prevention of crime and disorder through the use of problem solving tactics embedded in a community-oriented policing strategy emphasizing collaboration with other agencies as well as partnerships with civic and service groups and with neighborhood and business associations;
Respect for the constitutional rights and personal dignity of all people iwt whom we come in contact;
Openness and accessibility in the belief that an informed citizenry will be less fearful and better able to participate in the creation of peaceful, accessible public spaces;
Police Service of the highest professional quality grounded in our core values of courage, compassion, duty, and integrity;
Organizational improvement and receptiveness to the need for change in response to the changing needs of a dynamic and diverse community;
Consistently encouraging its employees to assume roles of leadership within the organization, be agents of change, motivate others, promote trust, provide guidance, and to share our vision of the future.


  • Shenandoah National Park
    Shenandoah National Park
  • Found Alive
  • Reported Missing: 04/12/21 (3 years ago)
  • Found: 04/12/21 (3 years ago)


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