Cobb County Emergency Management Agency

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About Cobb County Emergency Management Agency

The Cobb County Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating all activities necessary to protect Cobb’s residents from natural, technological and manmade disasters and other emergencies that threaten the County.

EMA coordinates Emergency Management Services for the County by providing leadership, planning, education and resources to protect lives, property and the environment.

In times of emergency or disaster, CEMA coordinates the response of local agencies ensuring the most appropriate resources are dispatched to the impacted area. Through its major programs, CEMA works with local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector throughout Cobb County to develop disaster preparedness plans and mitigation projects, and provide training and exercise activities.

CEMA has qualified for the Federal Performance Partnership Agreement, which ensures the county federal disaster assistance and individual assistance in the event of a major disaster. In addition to being eligible for federal assistance, our personal qualifications which are based on meeting state mandated training requirements enable us to receive funding from the federal government to aid in our mitigation efforts. Cobb County is committed to taking a proactive approach to the Emergency Management efforts in our community.



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