Local authorities have not yet released the cause of death. Missing NPF will update the case file of Bryce Dunfee once this information has been released to the public.

Source: mlive.com,

PORTER COUNTY, IN — The body of an Indianapolis man missing since February was found at a Lake Michigan beach on Thursday.

According to conservation officers with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Bryce Dunfee, 22, was found at West Beach in Porter County. His body was found approximately a half-mile from where he went missing on Feb. 21.

Crews had been searching for Dunfee since he was one of five people who ventured onto an ice shelf along the shoreline when it began to crack. The group began to retreat to shore, but Dunfee fell into the water.

Members of the party attempted to reach their friend, but the large waves and unstable ice hindered their efforts and he was pulled out further into the lake, according to the DNR. Dunfee was identified in February.

Hypothermia would have set in within minutes of entering the water and survival is extremely unlikely, Nicole Baumann, spokesperson for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, said in a statement released in February.

Conservation officers were assisted at the scene by the Ogden Dunes Police Department, Portage Police Department, Gary Police Department, National Park Rangers, and Porter County Coroner’s Office.

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