Hey everyone, what a month! In addition to the updates we informed you about in previous posts, a few other features have been added, modified/enhanced:

A new ‘entity’ search has been added to our Explore page, just in case you’d like to know which entity is running and/or involved in the investigation. This explore option comes with a filter option to select a case file, and 3 ‘order by’ options: Latest, A-Z, Z-A.

The homepage has been restructured to display quick links to both the Database and the News sections. Included on this update: A new ‘Recently Modified Case Files’ listing (dynamically filterable by 4 main subsets of data – All, Found, Missing, Unidentified), and a new highlight section for Active Search Underway listings.

The news section now includes the complete site search, and a fully dynamic news filter, as indicated below.

Our new site search page has been reformatted.

We continue to add case files to our database on an almost daily basis; we will be launching a contact page which will make your reports to us more streamlined. We will be releasing information on this update soon.

Thank you for seeking, and for your continued support of Missing NPF!

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