Website Migration Officially Begins Monday, September 11

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This major platform shift has taken months to organize and even longer to execute. I ask that you remain patient with the current case statuses as they are currently set (several are outdated) and hold off on posting comments on these cases until after the migration has been completed (expected around September 18, 2023).

This migration should not affect account holders. However, if you feel your account has been negatively affected, you will be able to submit a support ticket on our new platform.

Unfortunately, some information cannot be transferred. Your bookmarks may be reset; for this reason, please make note of those cases you are following so that you are able to add them to your “collections” once the migration is complete.

Missing NPF has always created and maintained each post that you see on our platform. Once the migration is complete, our membership will be able to add posts, create collections, and discuss cases in user-generated groups. You will be able to add locational data to supplement case files and perform several other activities that our current platform does not support. Perfecting this will take time, and I am hopeful that you will remain patient with us as we work through issues.

As a subscriber, you will access to a public support portal where you can see public-facing issues and our responses. The question has been raised several times through our private support portal in recent months, so I will address it here and offer a public response:

Government entities and/or law enforcement officials will need to subscribe to “claim” their listings but will not have the power to delete or otherwise alter any case files available on our website. If you are a government employee or law enforcement official that is interested in “claiming” an entity listing on our website, your email address will be vetted, and we will conduct a thorough review of your information prior to granting access to that listing.

I am a one-man band and remain dedicated to the mission of Missing NPF – supporting the search and information transparency for those who have become lost on federally managed land. We hope you enjoy the new Missing NPF, even though this transition has taken longer than anticipated.



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    Joss Leal

    Joss Leal

    Joss Leal is an outdoor enthusiast, Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business. Joss founded Missing NPF in October 2020, and maintains the Missing NPF database alongside a team of 3 dedicated ‘seekers’.

    About Missing NPF

    There is currently no centralized database for those who have gone missing in National Parks and/or Forests at the federal level.

    We have established this listing in an effort to provide a holistic measure of assistance, both to inform future search efforts and to establish an assistive resource for those who are currently living with the loss of a loved one. 

    Missing NPF supports the call for federal agencies to establish, maintain, and share a full listing of those missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests. Meanwhile, we have established our own, and seek your collaboration in providing a meaningfully-detailed source by which to expand public knowledge, identify trends, and empower future search efforts. Join us on this mission.