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Frequently asked questions

A routine review is conducted at random or when the current case has remained idle for an extended period of time.

Missing NPF periodically disseminates updates regarding the platform and/or issues which are being addressed by the team. Sometimes, these updates will involve a person or place we have in our listing.

Missing NPF has made it easier than ever for the public to interact with our data. One of the way we have done this, is by allowing “reviews” to be submitted on certain elements of our data. Otherwise, you can become a member and submit formal recommendations (in the form of a listing) that will be reviewed by the Missing NPF team and, if approved, made available in our database.

We welcome your contribution and hope to hear from you soon!

No. Missing NPF is a community-centered privately-funded database/listing platform.

Absolutely. One of the first questions we will ask is whether you have formally reported your friend or loved one to the law enforcement entity with jurisdictional responsibility in/near the area where this person went missing. We are more than willing to talk with you if you have not, but please understand that Missing NPF is not a law enforcement entity or a federal agency and, as such, it would be necessary for you to communicate the details you exchange with us to a law enforcement professional.

Missing NPF is Missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests, and is not a federal or law enforcement agency. This website – and it’s associated social media profiles – are privately-organized and funded, based in Washington State, United States of America. Joss Leal (Founder and Independent Researcher in Psychology / Legal Analyst) and Krista Leal (Co-Founder and Registered Nurse), formed Missing NPF to assist the friends and families of those who have gone missing extend their voice to the public-at-large by developing and maintaining an open, interactive database populated with publicly-sourced information. The level of detail our database delivers to the general public will far surpass that which has been offered by federal agencies. Developments to this database, and the expansions that we have in development, are only possible through you – the concerned public. Thank you for visiting and contributing your information in pursuit of joining the collective voice.

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