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Website Migration Officially Begins Monday, September 11This major platform shift has taken months to organize and even longer to execute. I …2023/09/08Website Updates2023-09-08 14:37:36
Migration of Information In ProgressWe have officially started exporting and importing all of our content for migration to our …2023/02/17Website Updates2023-02-17 10:31:49
Recovered Vehicle in Lake Powell near Hite MarinaAccording to the original source: On Aug. 16, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, National Park Rangers …2022/12/29Case Updates2022-12-29 18:41:57
Temporarily Suspending New RegistrationsA big update is coming to Missing NPF and in order for us to make …2022/12/22Website Updates2022-12-22 15:47:41
Changes to HomepageNew header section with increased visibility of the 3 most recently updated cases.We have eliminated …2022/08/12Website Updates2022-08-12 00:38:06
Body of Bryce Dunfee found after going missing over two months agoLocal authorities have not yet released the cause of death. Missing NPF will update the …2022/05/07Case Updates2022-05-07 18:03:13
Hector Flores Jr. and Luna Flores have been found aliveAccording to the NPS, BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, TEXAS – After missing for over two weeks, …2022/02/16Case Updates2022-02-16 17:31:19
Missing NPF – Letter from the FounderIn alignment with our promise to keep Missing NPF optimized and consistent across all platforms, …2022/02/09Features, Website Updates2022-02-09 22:47:09
FBI seeks information from public during homicide investigationAccording to the FBI, On October 9, 2021, the body of 33-year-old Josue Calderon was …2022/01/18Case Updates2022-01-18 18:04:39
Skeletal remains found – believed to be those of Cassie Renee SheetzAccording to Metro News: The Voice of West Virginia, FRANKLIN, W.Va. — A grim discovery in …2022/01/05Case Updates2022-01-05 11:03:13
Woman charged with murder of Matthew John DunmireAccording to Pensacola News Journal, A Pensacola woman has been arrested and charged with the …2021/12/10Case Updates2021-12-10 18:35:43
The body of Jay Schreckengost was found about half a mile from where his vehicle was parkedAccording to King 5, KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. — The body of Seattle Deputy Fire Chief …2021/11/15Case Updates2021-11-15 16:23:32
A severed head washed ashore six days after Enrique Roman-Martinez was reported missing in May of 2020Enrique Roman-Martinez was last seen on May 22, 2020. He was reported missing on May …2021/11/09Case Review2021-11-09 18:43:48
Hiker stumbles upon remains in a crashed carAccording to New York Post, Remains believed to be those of a missing Nevada woman …2021/10/31Case Updates2021-10-31 19:57:16
Remains found on October 9, 2021, have been identified as Lauren ChoAccording to CBS New York, FLEMINGTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Authorities confirmed Thursday human remains discovered in southern California …2021/10/28Breaking News, Case Updates2021-10-28 18:29:26
The body of Jared Hembree was located in Grand Teton National ParkAccording to the National Park Service (NPS), MOOSE, WY— Search teams located the body of …2021/10/25Case Updates2021-10-25 18:36:56
Cause of death determined for John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, and their 1-year-old daughter, MijuAccording to USA Today, A California family of three found dead in August died of …2021/10/21Case Updates2021-10-21 18:26:24
Human remains found in Florida’s Carlton Reserve have been identified as Brian LaundrieAccording to CNBC, Partial remains found by authorities searching for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s fiancé, were …2021/10/21Breaking News, Case Updates2021-10-21 18:06:24
Cause of death determined for Gabrielle “Gabby” PetitoAccording to NBC News, Gabby Petito died by “manual strangulation” at least three weeks before her remains …2021/10/17Case Updates2021-10-17 17:38:51
Body matching the description of Robert “Bob” Lowery has been identified as Robert Lowery – cause of death determinedAccording to PEOPLE, On Thursday, October 7, 2021, the cause of death has been revealed …2021/10/08Case Updates2021-10-08 18:41:13
Joshua Robert Martinez, Erika Irene Allison, and Psymon J. Kelly were found safe in New MexicoAccording to The News & Observer, A family was found safe Monday, October 4, 2021, …2021/10/06Case Updates2021-10-06 19:46:45
John Fiske Burg was found alive after calling 911 and leaving a voicemail message to his familyAccording to East Idaho News.com, SPRINGDALE, UTAH (KSL) — A 79-year-old man who had been …2021/10/06Case Updates2021-10-06 18:56:29
Betty Counts found deceased in her car – cause of death determination pendingBetty Counts’ body was found at the end of an old logging road, 3 miles …2021/10/03Case Updates2021-10-03 10:10:49
A family and their two dogs have not returned home from a camping trip to Lake Mead National Recreation AreaA family of 3 and their dogs have not been heard from since departing on …2021/09/29Breaking News2021-09-29 23:21:48
A body matching the description of Robert (Bob) Lowery was found at the base of Teton PassRobert Lowery was last known to be on the Black Canyon Trail in Bridger-Canyon National …2021/09/29Case Updates2021-09-29 20:30:03
The search for Kim Crumbo has become a recovery mission; cause of death released for Mark O’NeillYellowstone National Park officials have confirmed that the search and rescue operation for Kim Crumbo …2021/09/29Case Review, Case Updates2021-09-29 20:05:20
The body found in Bridger-Teton National Forest has been identified as Gabrielle (Gabby) PetitoAccording to REUTERS, Sept 21 (Reuters) – A body found in a U.S. national park …2021/09/21Breaking News, Case Updates2021-09-21 18:39:19
Jerren Fisher has been found alive and was airlifted to safety by the U.S. Coast GuardAccording to The News Tribune, A U.S. Coast air crew located missing hiker Jerren Fisher …2021/09/20Case Updates2021-09-20 10:14:06
Body Found Near Search Area for Gabrielle (Gabby) Petito – Body Pending IdentificationFox News reported today that authorities in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming found a body …2021/09/19Breaking News, Case Updates2021-09-19 15:17:37
Full Body Cam Video of Gabrielle Petito ReleasedMissing NPF is aware of the growing interest with regard to a possible connection between …2021/09/19Breaking News, Case Updates2021-09-19 14:15:19
Merced River closed due to toxic algae; cause of death for a family of three, and their dog, remain undeterminedAlthough the cause of death for John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, and their daughter Miju is …2021/09/08Case Review2021-09-08 18:55:44
Jennifer Coleman was found deceased near the Continental DivideThe cause of Jennifer Coleman’s death is under investigation, and Missing NPF will update her …2021/09/05Case Updates2021-09-05 20:31:00
Cause of death for Mariposa family remains undetermined; a timeline of the ongoing investigation has been releasedAccording to The Fresno Bee, The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office shared a timeline of its …2021/08/30Case Updates2021-08-30 18:48:57
Gabor Berczi-Tomcsanyi’s body was found in Grand Canyon National ParkAccording to the Grand Canyon National Park Service (NPS), “Based on evidence found with the …2021/08/26Case Updates2021-08-26 18:01:39
Missing Hunter, David White, found deceased alongside Jacksina CreekAccording to the National Park Service, Copper Center, AK – On August 21, 2021, the …2021/08/24Case Updates2021-08-24 20:50:21
The search for Tatum Morell came to a tragic end as rescue personnel recovered her body from below Whitetail couloirRescuers reported that they believe Tatum Morell suffered from fatal injuries after being caught in …2021/08/23Breaking News, Case Updates2021-08-23 18:17:17
Two campers found murdered by gunshot in the South Mesa area of La Sal Loop Road in Grand County, UtahAUTHORITIES ARE SEARCHING FOR A KILLER. This story will likely have several updates, some more …2021/08/21Breaking News, Case Updates2021-08-21 19:07:48
Active search underway for 45-year-old Gabor Berczi-Tomcsanyi at Grand Canyon’s South RimThis is a developing story; Missing NPF is will update the associated case file with …2021/08/21Breaking News2021-08-21 07:59:29
The search for Lauren Cho is ongoing, and deputies have been granted a search warrant to further pursue developing leadsAs search efforts continue for Lauren Cho, deputies will organize future operations during the ongoing …2021/08/19Case Updates2021-08-19 19:13:13
A husband, wife, 1-year-old daughter and their dog found deceased in what investigators are calling a hazmat situationThis story is developing, and details will be added when they are received and vetted. …2021/08/18Breaking News, Case Updates2021-08-18 18:47:02
Missing NPF Reddit Account has been Connected to Database Case Files and News UpdatesMissing NPF has connected the Subreddit r/MissingNPF to the database case file updater. This means …2021/08/18Features, Website Updates2021-08-18 09:31:35
Rachel Lakoduk will return home after nearly two years missingOn August 15, 2021, news that Rachel Lakoduk had been found spread throughout social media. …2021/08/15Case Updates2021-08-15 23:21:10
August 2021 Updates and Features AnnouncementHey everyone, what a month! In addition to the updates we informed you about in …2021/08/15Features, Website Updates2021-08-15 14:38:32
Mystery at Little River Canyon; Yvonne Wood Covington remains missingIt’s been more than 8 months, and despite aerial and ground searches by various law …2021/08/14Case Review2021-08-14 20:26:51
Richard Judd remains missing, search scaled backAs of August 4, 2021, the search for Richard Judd has been scaled back. A …2021/08/13Case Updates2021-08-13 23:36:21
Social reporting indicates Khayman “Khay” Welch may not have been an experienced outdoorsman, along with other informationAccording to a social media posting, Khayman “Khay” Welch may not have been an experienced …2021/08/13Case Review2021-08-13 10:42:41
Missing NPF August 2021 Greetings and UpdatesFor a while now, we’ve been restructuring the look and feel of Missing NPF. I’m …2021/08/13Features, Website Updates2021-08-13 07:57:58
The body of a female climber found in Zion National Park has been identifiedOn Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the body of a 26-year-old climber, found in Mystery Canyon …2021/08/11Case Updates2021-08-11 18:12:26
The body of Matt Thoke has been recoveredAccording to KTLA, The body of 43-year-old Matt Thoke was found and recovered in an …2021/08/10Case Updates2021-08-10 21:05:49
New information in the case of Cian McLaughlinIn June, the following was published by the NPS: A Jackson resident who recently returned …2021/08/10Case Updates2021-08-10 12:14:01
Search suspended in the case of Donald WatersDespite Donald’s backpack being located two miles east of Vero Beach at 12:18 p.m. on …2021/08/09Case Updates2021-08-09 20:20:59
Investigative entity information will soon be added to record detail sectionAs part of our commitment to provide as much meaningful information as possible, I will …2021/04/16Website Updates2021-04-16 12:22:33
Currently adding images to over 200 locationsOur database has been populated with over 200 “last known” and “found” locations. The small …2021/04/12Seeking Public Assistance2021-04-12 13:06:51
Comment section relocationI have relocated the comment section on each record. Instead of clicking “comments” or “reviews,” …2021/04/09Features2021-04-09 08:51:18
You can now sign in with your Google or Facebook accountYou are now able access all areas of Missing NPF with your Google or Facebook …2021/04/07Features2021-04-07 13:34:06
Preview Card Update: Added Date (Missing) and Date (Found) to overviewIt’s important to get a bird’s-eye perspective when looking through cases, especially when a site …2021/04/05Features2021-04-05 13:21:07
Updates system has been modified: Upgraded to allow bookmarking and date/time calculationI have released an update to our “Updates” section. When new updates are published, they …2021/04/04Features2021-04-04 17:33:06
Added calculations: Date (Missing) and Date (Found)I have added the following calculations to the base code: Note: where there is no …2021/04/01Features2021-04-01 08:02:54
Platform updates: Phase-outs and case updates sectionThere have been quite a few changes on the Missing NPF platform, namely the release …2021/03/28Features, Website Updates2021-03-28 20:25:16
Bug squashed: Not displaying “quick view” icon on PERSON recordsWe noticed a small bug when showing PERSON records from the EXPLORE tab. The quick …2021/03/27Bugs2021-03-27 15:17:46
New maps section added to Explore tabOne of the most visited pages of our sites since starting Missing NPF has been …2021/03/27Features2021-03-27 13:13:08
Mostly Harmless has a name: Vance John RodriguezFor over 2 years, a hiker – found deceased at Nobles Camp in Big Cypress National …2021/01/12Case Updates2021-01-12 20:49:11
Justin Lee Richardson – still missing in/near Kaibab National ForestJustin Lee Richardson was last seen in Kaibab National Forest near the town of Tusayan …2021/01/11Case Review2021-01-11 05:55:54
Yvonne Wood Covington remains missing at/near Little River Canyon National PreserveAuthorities say Yvonne Wood Covington was last heard from sometime around Christmas 2020 (12/25/2020 – …2021/01/08Case Updates2021-01-08 05:38:41
Christine Cummings remains missing since December 29, 2020 in Rocky Mountain National Park or surrounding areaUPDATE 1/6/21 – 12:15p: From Fort Collins Police Services: With a heavy heart, we have …2021/01/04Case Updates2021-01-04 21:46:09
Holly Jochum was last heard from in the area of Joshua Tree National Park and remains missingAccording to KESQ, Authorities confirmed that Holly Jochum has been found safe and sound in …2020/12/31Case Updates2020-12-31 20:41:29
James Pruitt still missing from Rocky Mountain National ParkAccording to NPS: Date Missing: February 28, 2019 Description: Pruitt was 70 years old when …2020/12/29Case Updates2020-12-29 22:39:10
Updated: Zelda Sudhoff Clements, and her grandparents, are missing at the Willamette National Forest – Active Search UnderwayURGENT RELEASE Update 12/23/2020 at 1:35p PST: Zelda, Sharon and Gregory have been found safe. …2020/12/23Case Updates2020-12-23 16:25:00
NPS publishes new facial reconstruction of ‘Jane Doe Yosemite Summit Meadow’The National Park Service (NPS) revised the facial reconstruction photo of Jane Doe Yosemite Summit …2020/12/22Cold Case2020-12-22 22:29:46
New hope for confirmation of identity; “Mostly Harmless” may finally be identified“Mostly Harmless” has been formally identified as Vance Rodriguez. Read New Story Update 1/12/2020 at …2020/12/19Breaking News2020-12-19 00:25:47
The mystery of Trenny Lynn Gibson’s disappearance from Great Smoky Mountains National Park continuesAccording to NPS, Gibson was 16 years old when she went missing. White female, 5’03” …2020/11/25Cold Case2020-11-25 19:51:29
Cold: Questions remain surrounding Wanda Herr’s deathAccording to Oregon Live, Over 44 years have gone by since Herr’s disappearance in June …2020/11/23Case Review2020-11-23 03:48:31
Veteran missing, along with 30 of his guns, at North Cascades National ParkRitchie Ambrose Collins was listed as missing on April 30, 2019 after National Park Service …2020/11/20Case Updates2020-11-20 13:40:36
Missing 50-year-old man’s death still undetermined after being found at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Lake PowellAccording to NPS, On Saturday, September 19, 2020, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Robert Sanders, a …2020/11/19Case Updates2020-11-19 21:22:52
Missing snowshoer found near Paradise at Mount Rainier National ParkAccording to an NPS release, On Sunday, November 8th, a snowshoer who had been missing …2020/11/19Case Updates2020-11-19 02:50:57
Floyd E. Roberts, III remains missing at Grand Canyon National ParkDate Missing: June 17, 2016 As reported by the NPS , Roberts was 52 years old …2020/11/12Case Review, Cold Case2020-11-12 20:28:06
Khayman “Khay” Welch remains missing in Tonto National ForestKhayman “Khay” Welch, 25, was last seen on August 12, 2020, walking southeast from the …2020/11/11Case Review2020-11-11 22:34:39
The disappearance of Jacob GrayJacob Gray disappeared on April 6, 2017 | His body was found on August 10, …2020/11/11Case Review2020-11-11 20:32:48
Missing hiker’s remains found in the Ponca Wilderness of Buffalo National RiverUpdate 11/16/2020: The date of body recovery: June 17, 2020. According to a news release …2020/11/09Case Updates2020-11-09 03:22:54
Human remains found in the Pike San Isabel National Forest still unidentified after 25 yearsThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is attempting to identify the remains of a Jane …2020/11/08Case Updates2020-11-08 05:27:50
Anonymous tip leads to the recovery of Mitchell Dale Stehling’s remainsAs reported by the National Park Service (NPS): An anonymous tip submitted to the National …2020/11/07Case Updates2020-11-07 20:08:55
Sammy Boehlke still missing at/near Crater Lake National ParkCOLD CASE / UNSOLVED: Sammy “Sammy” Boehlke was reported missing at/near Crater Lake National Park. …2020/11/06Case Review2020-11-06 20:16:40
Foul play suspected in Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hiker disappearanceVery little has been learned regarding the disappearance of then-28-year-old, Christopher (Chris) Sylvia over the …2020/11/05Case Review2020-11-05 02:31:37
Skeletal remains found near Mount Rainier National Park entrance on private propertyUnidentified (suspected) human remains on private property near the entrance of Mount Rainier National Park …2020/11/03Breaking News2020-11-03 09:20:32
Bodies of 2 men discovered at Mount RainierRangers at Mount Rainier National Park have recovered the bodies of two men from Tolmie …2020/11/03Breaking News2020-11-03 06:00:37
The search continues for body of missing 41-year-old Ian Eckles41-year-old Ian Eckles of Kent, is still missing. Jorge Alcantara-Gonzalez, 34, was arrested in Teanaway, …2020/11/03Case Updates2020-11-03 03:17:48
Sawyer Joseph West still missing in Edmonds, Washington near Mount Rainier National Park and Okanogan-Wenatchee National ForestUpdate: Per social reports, Sawyer Joseph West is reported to have died on his own …2020/11/03Case Updates2020-11-03 01:55:48
Alexander Pisch remains missing at North Cascades National ParkLast seen: October 8, 2020 Name: Alexander Pisch Reported missing at/near: North Cascades National Park …2020/11/02Case Review2020-11-02 19:04:31
The search for missing University of Washington Professor, Dr. Sam Dubal, has endedSupplement 11/7/2020: An expansion on original information regarding Sam Dubal’s work on the LRA in …2020/11/02Case Updates2020-11-02 03:09:27
Austin Mishler – Remains Found in Mount Hood CrevasseFrom the New York Post – The body of an accomplished Oregon mountain climber who …2020/11/01Case Updates2020-11-01 21:19:28
Pacific Crest hiker still missing near White PassLast seen: October 12, 2016 Support the Fowler-O”‘Sullivan Foundation by visiting their website. Read their …2020/10/31Case Review2020-10-31 07:29:19
NPS and Cochise County Sheriff offer reward for information on Cold CaseDate Missing: January 13, 1980 Description: Age 41 at the time he went missing. Case …2020/10/29Case Updates2020-10-29 08:12:19