Migration of Information In Progress

We have officially started exporting and importing all of our content for migration to our new platform. In this new platform, you will be able to accomplish the following:

Follow. You will be able to “follow” instead of simply “bookmarking” the profiles available in each category of our database. This means when there is an update to a case, you will receive both an in-site notification and an email notification notifying you of that update. A link will be provided in your email notification directing you back to the profile/entity that notification is about.

Post to Site. We are making public input easier in Missing NPF V3. Now, you will be able to post to certain categories of data and that information will be visible through a “feed” that is publicly accessible. Almost like a “forum” (where commenting is the primary feature of communicating information), this will allow you to inform the public of the information you know and be able to categorize how you received that information and/or whether any external sites/entities can be helpful in learning more about the information you post.

Better Maps. For some time now, we discontinued our mapping feature, which was a very popular element of our site. We had the capability of only associating ONE location per “listing” or “profile,” until now. Now, you will be able to enter map details (coordinates or general locations) in the updates you would like to post to various profiles/entities. This allows you to exchange information with the public that is able to be mapped on our global search. For instance, if you hiked a certain part of Grand Canyon National Park – around the area where a person was last known to hike before going missing – you will be able to link your coordinates with that person’s profile to inform the public where and when you were hiking a certain area of the park. Keep in mind: officials from various state and federal agencies have profiles on Missing NPF, and it may be possible that the information you provide will help authorities fine-tune their search, even if that case is in “limited” status or “cold.”

Many other features will be added, but that information will be released once we are able to migrate all the data in our records and display that data in new ways soon.

The New Link System

One of the drawbacks to this migration is the way the data is organized. This is more a “pro” than a “con” in terms of how the site will work and how you can find information, but if you have profiles or entities saved (or bookmarked), those links may no longer be operational. Right now, all information is linked as a “listing” (if you’re familiar with permalinks, then this will make some sense to you: missingnpf.com/listing/____ is how information is currently organized). Once the migration is complete and V3 is LIVE, that will change to something like: missingnpf.com/people/_____ or missingnpf.com/places____. If you have listings that you are currently following or have “bookmarked,” it is advisable that you keep that information handy outside of MissingNPF.com so that you are able to simply search for those profiles once the new site is LIVE.

We are very excited about V3, and it has been a long time coming! We are hopeful that you find just as much (if not more) value in the ways in which we will be able to use the data we currently have and help us continue to grow Missing NPF as you have been for the past 2 1/2 years!

All the best to you!



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    Joss Leal

    Joss Leal

    Joss Leal is an outdoor enthusiast, Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business. Joss founded Missing NPF in October 2020, and maintains the Missing NPF database alongside a team of 3 dedicated ‘seekers’.

    About Missing NPF

    There is currently no centralized database for those who have gone missing in National Parks and/or Forests at the federal level.

    We have established this listing in an effort to provide a holistic measure of assistance, both to inform future search efforts and to establish an assistive resource for those who are currently living with the loss of a loved one. 

    Missing NPF supports the call for federal agencies to establish, maintain, and share a full listing of those missing in U.S. National Parks and Forests. Meanwhile, we have established our own, and seek your collaboration in providing a meaningfully-detailed source by which to expand public knowledge, identify trends, and empower future search efforts. Join us on this mission.